Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh how I love thee FedEx man!

Oh how I love thee FedEx man! For thou art the man that maketh me happy today...  You bringeth me my LOA!  Oh how I love thee for promptly at 3, my LOA you bringeth me!


Where in the world is that FEDEX man?? I have been waiting on his little truck ALL day long! I don't think he realizes just how impatient this momma bear is! That package has our LOA in it!! What was he thinking when he threw it to the back of the van? I have checked the status of that envelope a thousand times today! Always the same message....IN TRANSIT! UGH! Do you think it has anything to with the fact that I am always stalking him? Always watching for him from my front porch? Maybe the neighbors have warned him of the numerous times I have yelled from my front door "FEDEX MAN!! WHERE ARE YOU??" Maybe he thinks I am deranged! :) MUWAHAHAHAHAHA If he does not get here soon, he is going to drive me deranged!!! Don't they know adoptive parents deserve special treatment!!!????   HAHAHAHA I am FEDUP!!!! :):):):)

Monday, October 25, 2010


The day started out with a gentle whisper from GOD telling me that our LOA would be on its way! I went outside this morning  to throw some things into our recycle bins and the air smelled of sandelwood and jasmine! It was such a strong fragrance, and I felt as if I were walking the alleys and streets of Guangzhou! I made the comment to my daughter when I came in that it smelled just like the streets of Guangzhou, and hopefully that was a sign that something great would be coming my way from China! As the day wore on I had not heard anything, so I thought perhaps it might come later in the week! I left the house at 3:20 to go get Olivia from school, and then I needed to run by the bank. I decided to take my cell phone with me. I NEVER take my phone, so I know that it was a GOD thing!! I picked up Livvy, and then we drove to the bank. I was just getting ready to shut the van door when my cell phone rang. I assumed it was one of the kids or my hubby! What a HUGE surprise when I heard  Betty on the other line with AWESOME news! I actually let out a huge scream in the bank parking lot!!!  39 days from LID! GOD is so good!!!! One step closer to bringing our precious son home!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I can tell she loves Eli very much!
His foster mom looking at him with such pride!
We received some awesome news this week! We found out our son is in foster care! What a blessing for our son! His foster mother loves him very much and said that out of the 5 children she has fostered, Eli is by far the most clever! When asked about his missing rib, and whether she did anything special for it, she waved her hand and said that it was absolutely no big deal and it is a non issue! We are so thankful for this very specail lady. I pray that I get to meet her while we are in China!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We received 7 new pics of our sweet Elijah Craig!

This morning I opened my email to find 7 new pics of our sweet son! He is beautiful....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sometimes I must be hit over the head, but really????

WOW! Sometimes I know I can be pretty daft, or get so busy that I don't hear my kids requests, or even just forget what they want! But I have a 7 year old, who NEVER allows me to forget anything! I walked into the kitchen Friday and this is what I found.....

An affirnation from the MAN upstairs!

God speaks in some very mysterious ways! This morning I got up with so much joy and happiness spilling from my soul! I checked my email and there was an email from our angel in Hangzhou who told me she would be seeing our son very soon! As I continued to get the girls ready for school, I continued to pray and praise GOD for all of the many blessings he had rained upon us! I began to cry out to HIM once again to move mountains on our behalf with the CCAA. I felt like Hannah crying out to GOD! I ended my prayer with the assurance that GOD knows when HIS time is right and I must surrendar this wait and allow HIM to move his miraculous hands and perform only miracles that HE can.
     Well, this morning I dropped both girls off at school and went to pick up my mom for some much needed girl time! My mom wanted to go do some Christmas shopping so off to Wally World we went. Has GOD ever spoken to you in Wal*Mart?? It was at the jewelry counter in Wal*MArt that HE spoke to me! He did not say that that beautiful diamond would look great on my finger, or that those earrings were me, or that I needed that new watch! HIS words were spoken loud and clear,  so clear that I knew it was from my mountain moving, miracle working GOD! We did our shopping, and as we got ready to leave,  something on the jewelry counter caught my eye. There on display were these beautiful spin rings. Stainless steel, Very pretty, Not expensive, but the message on one particular ring just took my breath away! The ring had three words engraved in it. FAITH, TRUST, & BELIEVE! 3 simple words....coincidence??? I thnk NOT! I bought that ring! As I wear it it will be areminder to me...that GOD is working on getting my son home to his forever family! And all we need to do is continue to have FAITH,TRUST HIM, and BELIEVE! And we do!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Can you tell I REALLY want that LOA????


Well, we have been logged in for one month today! The CCAA was closed the week before last, so no new news! I am really hoping for something within the month! I do know we will be getting some new updates from our special angel that is in Hangzhou at Eli's orphanage sometime this week! The waiting is getting harder for me. The month has flown, and with the holidays coming the time will go by  quickly, and before I know it I will be in China! At least I keep trying to convince myself of that. Prayers are needed as we wait for that Letter of Acceptance. The letter telling us ,"Yes, this child is do more paperwork!!!" hahaha I would appreciate your prayers dear friends! I know that I serve a GOD who is still in the business of performing great miracles! I am trusting HIM!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where O Where is our LOA???

Where O where is our LOA O where O where can it be?? To be honest I am about ready to go NUTS! This is the hardest part about the new Hague guidelines! I know they say they expedite SN adoptions and it could be worse, but I am getting sooooo impatient! I pray every day that GOD will give me the patience to get through this! The only good thing to report is that we have a very special angel who will be visiting our son's orphanage this week! She has promised to love all over him, get lots of pics, and hopefully some video for us! I can't wait to get them! I was sooo hoping to have him home for Christmas, but that is not going to happen! I know that GOD's hands are in this and that HE will bring Elijah home when HIS timing is right! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Saturday, October 2, 2010

****LID September 17, 2010****

We received something beautiful....

On Thursday we received new updates and a picture of our beautiful little boy! He is so beautiful! I know he would not like me calling him that in a few years, but he truly is beautiful! He looks so much like our Olivia at that age, and then so much like Ellye when she was a baby! Isn't it amazing how GOD works!!?? Look at those eyes! I asked the orphanage not to shave his head anymore, which they said they would not, but I do LOVE his hair like this! I can't wait to get there to love all over that precious boy!  See more below........
We know that he is a tiny little guy! He is only 16 lbs! I believe all of the clothes I have bought for him so far are going to be way tooo big for him! He now has 4 teeth, can walk with support, loves cake, soft noodles, congee & steamed eggs! He is still on a bottle and takes formula 3 times a day! Please storm the gates of heaven with prayer! I know that MY GOD is bigger than the CCAA and that if it is HIS will, our LOA will come soon! I just want to be able to kiss those squeeze-a-licious cheeks of his!!!!

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