Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zach is getting married!!

It is with GREAT excitement that I announce that our son Zach is getting married! It all came as a huge surprise to us! Zach graduated from Franklin College in May of 2008. He has a BA in Religious Studies and 2 in Leadership and the other in Psychology! He worked for a small church in Hanover, In., but it was not a good fit. He left in June of this year and has been unable to find a job anywhere! SOO, he is joining the United States Military! We are very proud of him! Ok..back to the reason for the post...WEDDING!!!!! Zach asked his beautiful girlfriend Courtney to marry him before he goes into basic and she said YES!!!! We could not be more thrilled! We love her so much! She is a good fit for Zach and compliments him very well!! They are getting married in October! On Halloween!!! It is going to be an outdoor wedding at St. Mary- of- the- Woods College where Courtney is a Junior! We have been working on flowers, decorations, shopping for dresses, jewelry, shoes....all the fun stuff! We love Courtney and can't wait for her to officialy be our son's wife!

It has been way too long!!

It has been almost a year that I have had this crazy blog! I have never updated or done anything with it! Life has been very crazy for the Schrink Family!!! And to be honest, I know nothing about blogger! I have friends who have the CUTEST blogs and I have NO idea where to go to get all the cutesy things they have on their blogs! So I am going to try very hard to keep up with this!

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