Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to school: August 11th, 2011

Ellye's first day of KDG
Me & the Gang!
Well, the new school year is here! Livvy is a second grader this year and this is EllyeKate's first year in public school! She is in afternoon kdg and loving every minute of it!!

The summer has literally flown!!

WOW! I can not begin to explain how busy our summer has been! It seems like school was just over and we have already been back to school for almost a week now! 
Eli continues to do very well. He had his surgery on July 14th, and did very well. He recovered nicely and it did not slow him down one bit!
FTIA held their yearly reunion on July 23 at Forest Park in Noblesville, and as always we could not wait! We enjoyed our day with friends from Seymour and made some new friends! It was very disappointing as the attendance was very low this year. I do hope that FTIA will continue to have the yearly reunions as I feel it is so  very important for our children!
We took a small vacation day and took the kids to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana! The girls had been wanting to go all summer so Craig took the day off and away we went! The day was very hot so we spent a lot of time in the water park! Eli would NOT ride any of the rides! Little Stinker! He just screams at the top of his lungs! Ellye had a great time, and Olivia was all about the BIG kid rides! She informed me the "kiddie" rides were too "lame" for her! She enjoyed the roller-coasters and the bigger water rides in the water park.
School started very early this year! August 11th!! I never started school until after Labor Day! CRAZY!!! Both girls love their teachers and seem to be adjusting back to the morning routine! Eli was so excited that he to wanted a mommy bought him his own little CARS backpack.
Zach was given a promotion in the ARMY and is stationed stateside! Courtney graduated college in May, and is now working for a large hospital. Kayleigh goes back to school next week and will complete her degree in May! So here we are halfway through August already! Soon it will be October and then the holidays will be upon us! Wish I could slow time!

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