Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He is cleared for surgery!

 Chest Xrays, a cat scan, and 7 doctors later, just as I expected, Eli is perfectly healthy and has been cleared for surgery! His surgery is scheduled for July 14th; and to tell you the truth, I am looking forward to getting it over with! I can't believe that we have had to go through all of this just for a simple circumcision! SHEESH!!  
     We have spent many hours in the children's hospital, and to be honest, I feel so incredibly blessed.I see so many families who are struggling.So many children who's lives are hanging in the balance, and I am gently reminded that I am so blessed to be in that hospital for something so minor as a circumcision!My child is otherwise happy, healthy, and not fighting to live another day! Thank you Jesus, and please wrap your arms around those families who are praying, wishing ,and hoping for just one more day....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Doctors & Surgeons & Geneticists! OH MY!

Last week I had an appt. to see a pediatric urologist to get Eli set up for his "boy" surgery! You know the one....the one that most little boys have done here in the states soon after birth...the one they don't do in China!!! Well, what should have been a simple consult with one doctor, turned into a day of frustration and stupidity! Granted, I am no doc, but I DO have 4 other children, so I kind of think I know a little bit about kids! Our appt.was at 9:45, so I am assuming that we would be finished and on the road by 11:00 at the latest! We saw the urologist and I really liked him! He informed me that the surgery would be about 2 hours, as he also found that Eli has one testicle that has not descended, and he has a little hernia in that particular area where the testes is positioned.  Because of Eli's 4 short ribs on his right side, the surgeon sent me over to see an anesthesiologist to discuss the issue. WELL, the next thing I know, in walks a developmentalist, and then 2 geneticists!!!!! WHAT????? WHY???? Who got them involved? I was LIVID!!!! 
     I think sometimes doctors are just looking for a reason to make some extra money! Now like I said, I am not a doc, but 2 docs had already looked at Eli when we came home, and he was found to be healthy!! So why all this? Because of Eli's short little ribs, someone there, I still don't know who, decided he needed to be seen by a geneticist!! I knew he did not have any syndromes, the first doctor we saw had already ruled that out! The resident geneticist was just looking for something! I think she really wanted something to be wrong with him! She picked my poor boy apart from head to toe!!! It went something like this:
Her: I hate to tell you this but he has a uni-brow.
Me: Does a uni-brow signify some sort of syndrome? (Said in a very smart alecky tone)
Her: NO. His nose also turns up a bit.
Me: He's ASIAN! He has a typical cute little button nose!
Her: His face is flat.
Me: UMMMM, Asians faces are flat in appearance!
Her: He is standing on his tippy toes.
Me: UMMM, he wants his mom! He is terrified of you and wants me to pick him up!!!! 
Her:His little finger is slightly curved.
Me: What?
Her: Dr. Weaver will be in in a few minutes!
Needless to say I felt like she was just looking for something! Dr. Weaver came in and looked him over and said he was PERFECT!! I am sure he probably billed me $500.00 to tell me what I already know!!! UGH!!!!
By the time the developmentalist, and the geneticists were finished with us it was 3:30 pm! Eli was starving, sleepy, and extremely cranky! So was I! After all of the running around, poking, and prodding, we have to see a lung specialist to make sure his lung on the short rib side will be ok to perform surgery! And we could not have done that first thing?????? Oh, and we never did see the anesthesiologist!!!!!!


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