Monday, February 28, 2011

********GOTCHA DAY********

I was wide awake early! Today was the day! I was nervous, but more nervous for Eli than myself!I worried that he would scream and cry uncontrollably! In my mind I envisioned a screaming child that was absolutely going to be in hysterics. I knew that he had been very close to his foster mom, so I was prepared for the worst! We left the hotel at 9 am and arrived at the Hangzhou Civil Affairs Office in about 5 minutes.

We walked into the building and climbed 3 flights of stairs, and then led down a hall and into a long room. The room contained one long table, and many chairs. Most places do not have heat, and this building was NO exception! It was freezing!! We were there about 5 minutes when another couple came in. They were receiving their son who had just turned 11. I asked if the kids were there yet and they had not yet arrived. I was on pins and needles! We sat down and started looking at paperwork to be turned in that day. All of a sudden the side door opens and in walks a young lady holding the most precious little boy in all of China! She walked over to me and handed me my sweet boy! He was so beautiful....more beautiful than I could of imagined! He did not cry at first, but then realized that I was not letting go! He cried a long slow cry for about an hour, He finally cried himself to sleep in my arms, and I was able to complete all of the necessary paperwork!
Eli was dressed in a traditional silk Chinese coat, pants to match, and hat! He was absolutely adorable! We left the Civil Affairs Building and headed back to the hotel where we went next door to a tiny shop to have our picture taken for the adoption paperwork. We then went back to our room where I ordered room service as I was sure he was hungry. I ordered Eli a dish of congee, however he wanted nothing to do with it! He wanted the fried rice I had ordered! He ate very well, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing and getting to know each other! I broke out the stacky cups and he LOVED them! He was very tired and we had to be up early to go back to the Civil Affairs Office to complete the adoption and for the Presentation Ceremony, so we went to bed early. I laid Eli down next to me in bed and he slept peacefully all night. What a perfect day!

My flight to China took off at 10:30 am on Friday Jan 7, 2011. I flew from Indy to Chicago, and then to Beijing. My bestest friend in the whole world, Stephanie, accompanied me on the trip! We were unable to sit together on the looooong flight, and it made for a boring trip! We got into Beijing and retrieved our luggage and went to find our gate for our next flight to Hangzhou.Our flight to Hangzhou did not leave until 9 pm, and we had a lot of time to ill. We were absolutely exhausted. It took all we had to keep our eyes open! We finally got in to Hangzhou at around 11 pm and our guide Bing was there waiting. We had about a half hour drive to our hotel. We checked in, and then we were wired! We could not sleep! We were too excited! We finally went down around 2 and were wide awake by 7 am!!!!! We went to breakfast and then we did some sight seeing around the beautiful lake. Our hotel sat right on West Lake and it was beautiful!All I could think about was my sweet Eli and how his life was getting ready to change. He had less than 24 hours and he would no longer be an orphan!! I knew he had been taken back to the orphanage, and I was concerned rather he would take to me easily. Lots of prayers were sent to heaven when I went to bed that night!My life as well as his would never be the same!!


Jan. 3rd, 2011!! What an awesome day!!! We had to take Zach back to the Indy airport to catch his flight back to his base in Georgia! We said our tearful goodbyes and headed back to the car! On the way out I made the comment that the next time I came back to the airport I was hoping it would be to catch my flight to China!! Kayleigh looked at me and said, " Mom, wouldn't it be a hoot if you left this Friday?" I laughed and assured her that was NOT gonna happen!
When I got home the first thing I did was check my email!! The first email I see is from my agency...SUBJECT: I have been trying to call you........ OMW!!! I read the email and I let out a scream!! Kayleigh came running and said, " You  got it didn't you??" Our TA had been approved 2, yes TWO days after our Article 5 had been delivered to the CCAA!!! I called Betty immediately and found out I would be leaving in a week and a half!!! WOW! I started to pack as soon as I got off the phone!!! Tuesday rolled around and I found out I would be leaving the next Tuesday. Flight arrangements were made, paid for, and we were set!! HA! Not so! The reason I had to leave so soon was bcause ONE MAN had to sign off on Eli's paperwork and he was not going to be in the province when I was going to! SO...I was now leaving in TWO days!!!! I was so thankful that I am an organized individual and it was NO problem! I am also blessed to have a wonderful family who stepped up the plate with no problem!!! I was finally going to China!! GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!!!

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