Sunday, January 15, 2012

~Ellye's 6th Birthday & Eli's One Year GOTCHA DAY~

Daddy & his Double Blessings!
EllyeKate & daddy!
EllyeKate on her special day!
Eli & Momma on his 1year Gotcha Day Celebration!
January 10th is a HUGE day of celebration in the Schrink household!We have 2 awesome reasons to celebrate the day! We have been doubly blessed! On January 10, 2006, inYangjiang, China, a beautiful baby girl was born, and due to reasons we will never know, placed at the gate of Beishan Park, where she was found by one of the orphanage personnel.What a blessing that child has been to our family! Our EllyeKate! 
Also, January 10 is the day that I sat in a very cold Civil Affairs office in Hangzhou China, impatiently waiting for the most precious little boy in China to be carried thru the door! And now it's so hard to believe that it has been one year now that I first held him in my arms!
We kept the day low key and then held a party for Ellye on Saturday evening. Due to the fact that I was in China on her bday last year, I promised her something big this year! This year her party theme was all about Pirates! Zach dressed as the coolest pirate I have ever seen, and all the kids came dressed as their favorite pirate! We had a treasure hunt, sword fight,an awesome time swinging at an evil sea creature pinata, ate some really cool hotdog boats, and played all kinds of Pirate games! The kids had a blast! All in all, it turned out to be a special night for a very special little girl that we love very much!

Pics of Christmas!

My 3 little Christmas Elves!
Having fun with my "littles!"
~Eli & his John Deere's~
This was Eli's first Christmas! He had a ball opening presents and playing with all of his new toys! He is very much into cars, trucks, tractors, and Thomas the Train! He is ALL boy!!!!!

Happy 2012!

I can not believe that it is already 2012! I missed a few months somewhere along the way! One year ago I was still in China! I had had Eli for just 5 days! How can it have been a year??
So far my year has not started out as I had hoped! SO many changes....some changes I am having a very hard time accepting and I just can not work my way through them. I spend so much time in prayer that I am sure GOD is sick of my pleas by now! I just hope that his will is my will.....
Christmas was good. Eli was absolutely a joy to watch during all of the holiday festivities! His little face is so expressive, and he had a blast decorating the tree and then opening all of his presents! It was truly a great day!
Wishing all of you a very happy 2012!

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