Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are so blessed to have received these!!!!

Some of you may remember that we had a "special" angel that visits Hangzhou each year, and that she had provided us with many updates and pictures of our sweet Eli. Yesterday I was so blessed to receive 7 new pictures of Eli while he was still at Hangzhou!!! Most of the pictures include his foster momma! I can tell in the pictures that she LOVES him so very much! I am so thankful for the foster care program at Hangzhou! I am so thankful for these wonderful families who take the kids in. I am sure that some foster families are better than others, but one thing I do know for sure, is that Eli's family LOVED him so much! He has adjusted beautifully and most of all, he knows how to give and accept love! Many adopted children come to their new families never having experience love at all.... and that truly breaks my heart!! My prayer is that all orphans would be as loved as my Eli!!!!

Wonderful Waiting Kids

Wonderful Waiting Kids

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am such a mean ole mommy.......

because I took Eli for a haircut! We have been home for 5 weeks and I decided that Eli needed a haircut.My sister is a Cosmetology Instructor so she is the one who normally cuts our hair. She has always been the one to cut my children's hair for the very first time! So it was only right that she should cut Eli's as well! WELL, Eli did not think it was a good idea to get his hair cut, and showed his displeasure the whole time! We offered suckers, smarties, chocolates, Doritos.....nothing worked! He cried and threw a fit the whole time! However, in his defense, he was still not feeling well and did not want to be inconvenienced! When we finished he sure did look cute! Elijah has such beautiful hair that I really struggled as to how I wanted it cut. I chose to leave most of it longer and had her cut his bangs shorter so I could spike them!! He is going to be a heartbreaker...I can see it already!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

More fun pics!

More pics of our trip to Eli!

This is what Eli thought of the Zoo!

It's the Quirky things!

When I look at Elijah, it is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that he is home! A year ago, we had NO clue what GOD had planned for this family! We knew we wanted a son from China, but the reality of it happening were slim. The money was not there. We knew we would eventually proceed with an adoption , but not for several years! Then there was the email to our coordinator Betty stating the fact that we still wanted to adopt a little boy. Knowing that we did not have the finances to fund an adoption, I still wonder why I even sent her that email! I know now that GOD had it all worked out, and HE was just waiting for me to trust and believe in HIM!! Oh I believed that ONE day we would go back, but not in 10 months!!!,  Isn't it amazing what HE can do??
I started thinking about all of the GOD things that only HE could have orchestrated; like finding my son on the Shared list of children, on the 24th day of June. And then it occurred to me that I found Eli 7 months prior to the day we took our oath at the American Consulate in Guangzhou! Coincidence?? I think not! And then there is the fact that we found out on June 25th that he was still available and we sent in our Letter of Intent to adopt him! It was also the day one year prior that he had been abandoned! It was also our Olivia's 7th birthday!! Again...no coincidence! Now here is the one quirky thing that blows my  mind, because there is no way I could of planned it!! It is truly a GOD thing! When we adopted Olivia, our Gotcha day was on the 6th, Adoption day on the 7th. Then we adopted Ellye, her Gotcha day was on the 8th, Adoption day on the 9th...and you guessed it....Eli's Gotcha Day was on the 10th, & Adoption day on the 11th! 6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11!! Is that cool or what?? Coincidence or GOD thing?? Definitely a GOD thing!! I think GOD planned it like that because he knows that I am getting old and would forget!!! LOL

God's hands were definitely involved! I LOVE the "quirky" ways that GOD works when we let go and allow him to work in HIS marvelous and majestic ways!!

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