Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My handsome son & his beautiful bride!

My handsome son Zach & my beautiful daughter in love Courtney!

My Beautiful daughter Kayleigh!

She is beautiful!


Craig and I have always loved biblical names! I have always loved the name Isaiah, and that is the name I always said our little guy's name would be! Well, as fate would have it, I had a child in my daycare named Isaiah, and he was a real pistol! Because of that, the rest of my family said they absolutely did NOT want our little guy's name to be Isaiah! I was crushed! SOOO, I started searching for a name we all would agree on. Now I don't know about the rest of ya, but names have to mean something to me. There must be signifigance behind it! After weeks of deliberating, we chose the name Levi, but it still did not seem right to me. SOOOO, I started to think about this adoption. Now anyone who knows us, knows that we are not financially rich by any means, however, everyhing was just falling into place where our adoption was concerned!! I have always trusted and believed that GOD would provide. I knew he had laid this on our heart, so HE would see us through the adoption process. I started praying that GOD would reveal our son's name to us in HIS time. And as always, GOD spoke. The word BELIEVE kept coming to my mind on a daily basis. So one day I sat down and wrote the word BELIEVE down on paper. What was GOD trying to tell me? Do you see it dear bloggy friends?? Look at the word carefully! What name do you see in that word?? B ELI EVE.... ELI!! SO, I looked up the meaning to the name...and there it was... the meaning to the name ELIJAH! I could not believe it! It means "GOD IS MY JEHOVAH" How very fitting for our son! GOD is indeed our Jehovah! What a wonderful way to honor our Lord and Saviour, for without all of the things GOD has done to make this adoption possible, we would not be able to bring this child home! So, Elijah Craig will be our little guys name! GOD IS OUR JEHOVAH!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

We are paper chasing again!!!!

Well, we are at it again!!!! We are going back to China for a little boy!!! We have always known that we were going back, and now it is time! The chase has begun! For the past 3 weeks I have been working on gathering documents for our dossier! I am almost done, however, Craig has been so busy that he has not had much time to get things done for our Homestudy!
Please pray that our time frame will be short, and that we get logged in and that GOD will reveal our son to us! We have thrown many names around for our new son, and finally decides on Levi. Well, then we started thinking about all of the things that GOD has done for us in order to bring this adoption to fruition. Craig has always loveed the name Elijah. I was not to convinced until I researched the name Elijah. It means
GOD IS MY JEHOVAH!!!! How fitting for our little man, brought to us through the grace of GOD! So...Elijah Craig he will be!!

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