Tuesday, September 20, 2011

****Remembering 9/11****

I will never forget where I was when the first tower was hit in NY on that fateful day 10 years ago. I was on my way to work. I was teaching and I was in disbelief that an "accident" like that could happen! Then the second plane hit and I knew then that it was "NO" accident! My disbelief quickly turned to fear! Were we as a nation under attack? Unfortunately, yes.....yes we were under attack by a great evil. And now 10 years later the pain and memories of that awful day are still fresh in my mind. For months I had dreams that the US was under attack. I could see the planes in the air as they were swooping in to bomb us. I wold be running around trying to find a place to hide, wondering what it was going to feel like when I was shot. Yes, horrible nightmares. And now 10 years later my nightmares have taken on a different fear. For now my oldest son is a United States soldier bravely defending this country! Now my fears are not about myself, but about the safety and well being of my son. The hardest job I have ever had is being the mother of a soldier. I know our troops are making progress, but it is a war we will never win...the war on terrorism! I am sooooo very proud of my son, and I love his dedication and love for our country! But I am a mother, and I am afraid. I trust GOD with my eternity, so I must trust GOD with my son! 
Having 3 children who came from a c*mmunist country, and are now US citizens, I feel it is very important that they are well educated about the US and the job that our milt*ary does. We are a very patriotic family, and they know just WHY their brother does what he does ! We have taught them that freedom is not free! They know that they are here because of the brave!!! Are they proud of what their brother does! You bet!  So 9/11 has taken on a totally different meaning for me and our family. My son is schedulaed to be deployed within the year.....I ask that if you are reading this that you would say a prayer for my son and all of our troops! For without these brave young men & women we would not sleep well at night, nor would we be living in a nation that gives us the rights and freedoms we have! SO thank you to our military; past, present and future! May we all live lives worthy of their sacrifices!

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