Sunday, September 18, 2011

Indianapolis Chinese Festival!

On Saturday Sept. 10th, Indianapolis held their 4th Annual Chinese Festival! I found out that Hangzhou, Eli's hometown is Indy's Sister City! How cool is that? So that made it even more special to us! The girls were up early and they wanted to dress in their traditional Chinese outfits, so I allowed them to do so! We arrived right about noon so as not to miss one thing about the festival!!! The fest kicked off with the traditional Lion Dance, which is my favorite! Eli was not sure of all of the loud noise, but at least he did not scream! There were booths with traditional Chinese instruments, food, and wares that  could be purchased. They had a children's area set up with bubbles, face painting, Chinese hacky sack, Chinese Yo-yo's, Chinese checkers, origami, and an arts and craft area. Olivia had her face painted like a panda, Ellye got an airbrushed butterfly on her arm, and Eli got an airbrushed coyote on his arm! We watched a little bit of the dance performances and then the  kids were whining about starving! Zach & Courtney were able to join us in the afternoon, so  we played numerous games of Ping Pong!  Eli even played! He loved it!  We then took a walk around the canal and enjoyed our time away! By 4:00 the kids were getting tired and hungry again, so we went out to eat Chinese and started our way home! The fest was so nice and I can't wait to go again next year! Right now the girls are not really interested in watching the dancers, or the singers, which disappoints me..... but I am going to continue to go and incorporate their culture into their lives until they tell me they don't want it anymore! I feel like it is too important! I know they are young, and I pray that as they get older, they to will learn to appreciate, love, and embrace their culture as much as I do!

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