Monday, September 19, 2011

The Red Thread

A red thread to China was cast today
From us to a child so far away.
This thread symbolizes an attachment of hearts That distance alone can't keep us apart.
Her mother and I are caught in a chase
That time alone will bring us to face
This loving young child we want so much to greet With love in our hearts before we did meet.
This tiny, thin thread may stretch, tangle or fray,But our love for her grows stronger each day.
Through the test of time it won't break or sever, She'll be part of us forever and ever.

With oceans between us, the distance is spanned
By a love that is greater than man could have planned.
For God in His mercy loved her and us
And decided our family would be a great plus.

So for now we'll just love her and pray every day
That God keeps her and loves her for us till we may
Travel to China, that land of great past,
To the side of our daughter, to hold her at last.



lperry6 said...

Is this an announcement?! Or just sharing;)

Kim said...

no....just sharing..... I wish it were an announcement..... :O)

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